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How to Choose the Best Blind and Shade Styles and Fabrics for Your Home

28 June 2017
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Blinds or shades are a good choice for rooms where there isn't quite enough space for curtains or drapes, as these fabric window treatments add a softness and cosiness that you won't get with wood shutters or simple film on the windows. There may be more options than you realize when it comes to the styles and fabrics of blinds and shades, so note a few tips on making your choice so you know you're happy with your home's window treatments for years to come. Read More …

Full-Length Mirrored Wardrobe vs Single Pane: Benefits of Both for Your Bedroom

14 February 2017
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If you want to add a mirror to your bedroom, using the wardrobe can be a great solution. You can either use a full-length mirrored wardrobe or simply choose a wardrobe that has a single mirror fitted into one of the doors. To help yourself choose, just read through this quick list covering the benefits of each option. The Benefits of a Full-Length Mirrored Wardrobe With a full-length mirrored wardrobe, pretty much the whole of the exterior will be covered in mirror from the top of the door right down to where it meets the floor, and this comes with several advantages. Read More …

Dealing With Stains on Marble Kitchen Splashbacks

23 August 2016
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If you are seeking stain removal solutions for your marble kitchen splashbacks, poultices can be gotten from most hardware stores and these come in handy in removing stains. In some occasions, doing it yourself can be a convenient way of ensuring your marble is stain free. However, you should first ensure that you are dealing with marble staining and not marble etching. Differentiating between marble staining and marble etching When it comes to irregularities on marble surfaces, there are two ways they can present themselves. Read More …

Reinterpreting the Kitchen Work Triangle for A Modern Kitchen

18 July 2016
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You've probably heard of the kitchen work triangle. The theory goes that as the major working areas of any single-cook kitchen--like the one in your home--are the sink, the refrigerator and the hob, those three spaces should be arranged in a triangular fashion at the design stage. If they're too far apart, you waste time and steps running around while you cook; if they're too close together they make your kitchen feel cramped and unworkable, and should you get anyone to help you with a meal you'll constantly feel like they're in your way. Read More …

Crafty Interior Design Tips For Using Rugs To Carpet Your Rooms

11 July 2016
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When it comes to choosing a floor covering for your rooms, you could opt for carpets or rugs or a combination of the two.  Rugs can look great if well-chosen and properly sited.  Here's some interior design advice on how to use rugs to good effect. Size matters If you're using rugs as a means of saving your carpets from wear and tear, it's important that you pick the right size. Read More …